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Yogi Soft is one of the best Cloud base Health and Social Care Management product in the market and it has been tested with realtime data and generated meaningful reports without any complexity and satisfied many Social Workers and Professionals.


We are 100% confident that this Cloud  based application will rule the care industry without any doubt.


Managers and Managements can access information anywhere anytime on any device that has internet access. 



Staff Supervision and

Staff training records has never been so simple. 

Staff Management:

Case Allocation, Case Transfer, Case Loads Management, Staff Performance Monitoring. File Auditing
Managers can happily create the reports and send it to the Social Workers and Case Managers without spending hours on pulling information from old records. YOGI will take care of it and Managers to do their assessment and recommendations from the reports produced by YOGI.

User Group

Foster Carers,

Semi-Independent Providers,

Shared Accommodations Providers, Children Residential Care Homes,

Adult Care Homes.

Care Home Directors

Registered Managers

Social Workers


Care Assistants

Key Workers

Support Workers

Outreach Workers

Premises Supervisors... etc.

Online Statutory and Mandatory Training

With over 100 high quality online training courses YOGI can help you with your mandatory and statutory training needs. 


Browse our course library and start registering today. Unsure what training your employees require? Just give us a call and one of our experts can help you!


The YOGI team is consist of people who have been in the Care System by themselves, Social Workers who have been working with children and young people and Adults  from various Local Authorities and Hospital Settings.


We have involved- 


Young people and Care Leavers who wants to see Good Practice in place at all care homes and service provisions who are looking after young people in their care or accommodations by putting the right system and practice in place.


We have collected feedbacks, 

experience  and expectations 

from adult who have been receiving support from various Adult Care Homes and those who lives in their respective homes and receive Domiciliary Care.


Based on those feedbacks  and informations, we have developed a simple ,less complex and more user friendly system that can work in an effective by generating appropriate reports on a timely manner for the professionals and care providers to make decision and implement effective care to the Young People and Adults.

Versatility in Application

Case Notes, Daily Logs, Appointments, Key Work Sessions, Pathway Plans, Uploading documents (Doc, image, video, audio files),  


Missing Person Reports, Monthly Reports,

Incident Reports 

will be ready with a click of a button.

Key Work Sessions has never been so creative and easy.

We Take Pride in Our Service 

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Start using Yogi Soft and accelerate your business to the best in the Health Care Service Industry.

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