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This basic life support training course provides learners with essential life support information and it does not replace practical training. You'll need to complete hands-on basic life support training to be able to physically administer the care too.

Basic Life Support Course

£20.00 Regular Price
£10.00Sale Price
  • Our training can be broken down into 3 basic elements, initial assessment (primary survey), airway maintenance and CPR. The primary survey can be remembered through the acronym DRSABCD (Dr's ABCD).

    • D - Danger - Check it is safe to approach the casualty.
    • R - Response - Is the casualty alert and talking?
    • S - Shout for help.
    • A - Airways - Open their airway if unresponsive.
    • B - Breathing - Look to see if they are breathing normally.
    • C - CPR/circulation - If not breathing, commence CPR, if breathing check for bleeding & put in the recovery position.
    • D - If CPR is needed a defibrillator should be used alongside it if possible.

    This course includes information about CPR, the respiratory system, obstructed airways (adults & children), and record-keeping.

    This course also equips learners with the essential knowledge needed to administer basic life support in care. Not only can this help save lives, but our training will also help you adhere to Standard 12 of the Care Certificate's Standards and work towards remaining legally compliant.