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This Lone Worker Safety training programme has been designed to help increase personal safety during a working day - specifically, those working alone or away from colleagues.



Our first section, will start going to start with what employees should consider before they leave for work, and then we’ll discuss their commute and travel. 



In this section, we’re going to give staff an overview of who is responsible for what during the course of their shift, and we’ll look at what measures are in place, and what procedures need to be followed, to keep all staff and others safe. 



In this final section, we’re going to take learners through some practical safety measures and techniques that they can use while lone-working.

Lone Worker Safety

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  • It also applies to those whose job requires them to receive visitors, members of the public, customers, or patients - in fact, anyone they may not know. Although personal safety at work is something that concerns everyone, lone workers are more vulnerable and at greater risk of violence and aggression.

    This course will introduce the topic of personal safety; looking at increasing observation and awareness of other people's behaviour and making sure you have strategies to avoid threatening situations.

    Although it's hard to believe, around 46% of workers in the UK consider themselves to be 'lone workers'and they come from various industries, such as housing, social & health, homeworkers, transport & logistics, construction, retail and out of hours work. 

    Lone working is completely legal, however, employers have a legal obligation to consider risks to health and safety. We believe our Lone Worker Safety Training to be the perfect solution.