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Placement Management

YOGI Soft mainly focused on managing young people's information in their best interest. The application is designed in such a way that it doesn't miss any  information  on each client. 


It is the perfect  management system for recording and storing information about the person in your care. All information relating to the client's care, protection and safety of each child is easily accessible.

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Daily Log

Everything that happens in a day is important and it should be able to remembered by the individual one day. Therefore, all types of activities such as appointments, movements, Health, Education, Legal, YOT, Social Worker visit, Contacts, Post,Home Office, etc. you name it and you will see it in your screen for the staff to enter.


Risk Assessment 

A fully comprehensive , informative and effective Risk Assessment Templet with Risk Management Plan is available. Anyone comes on shift will have access to get to know the risk and the management plan in place.

Crane Operator
Chopping Vegetables


Life Skill Assessment

This is a unique system that helps both the young person as well as the Key Worker to fully understand the areas to work around the life skills as well as independence living skill of the young person.


Key Work Sessions

This Key Work Session templet worker with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system and first time in the care industry a system that guide the staffs on areas that the young person needs Key Work Session. Managers can clearly advise the Support Staff or the young person's Key Worker on areas tat they should focus during Key Work session with clear time scale to achieve the targets.

Neighbourhood Cafe
First Aid for a broken arm

Incident Report

Incident reports can be recorded in a very simple, but systematic and user friendly way. The templet is very informative with all relevant sections that needs for a good incident report to give clear understanding on the incident which could enable the staffs to update the Risk Assessment templet and share to relevant people and put appropriate support arrangements put in place.

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