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YOGI Soft offers instant access to information, whether it relates to a Monthly / Weekly / Daily or even annual reports on a young person’s behaviour, incidents in the home, staff Supervision / training or any other aspect of social care management.


YOGI Soft software can produce management reports by a click of a button which, significantly reducing the time spent on gathering information from different source and avoid any missing information.

Daily Weekly / Monthly Reports

Missing From Care Reports

Key Work Sessions

and more.....

Incident Reports

Risk Assessment Reports

Path Way / Care Plans

What Our Clients Say

Tina M

As a Foster Carer, I am so impressed with the way YOGI Soft changed  my life around recording daily logs and when the Supervising Social Worker asks for the weekly and monthly reports it was a so easy to provide in minutes. The beauty of it is that you can amend these reports before you send it. So I can send the reports that can be as accurate as it can. Thanks to YOGI Soft

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