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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Care Solutions

Our Services

Semi-Independent  Accommodations 

Yogi Soft will provide all that a Semi Independent Placement needs to run without any additional work.


Staffs are just have to enter the daily logs and YOGI will get you all the reports that the Social Work team needs to monitor whether the Care Plan or the Pathway Plan for the respective young person is implemented.

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Children's Care Homes

The YOGI Care Software reveals a modern and intuitive interface that makes it straightforward to update any young person’s files with  Calendar  reminders, task lists and individual user dashboards, YOGI makes the day-to-day running of your home smooth.

YOGI is simple, more user-friendly way to safeguard and secure our young people’s information wherever you are. This gives Managers more time to do what they do best to enhance the lives of young people.

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Foster Carers

Foster Carers and Key Workers have to record every single activity of the young people placed at their placements, such as; Daily logs, Keywork sessions, all types of appointments and positive or negative emotions and  behaviour of the young person from in and outside of their placement, their achievements, etc,.


They also have to write weekly and monthly reports and recordings of their Key Work sessions, incident reports and missing from care reports either in Word Format or Google Docs or any other documentation programme and it is still a big challenge and time-consuming.

YOGI will make this so user friendly in generating reports in someone areas.

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Other Services

Yogi Consultation

We have seen that there are differences between Statutory and Mandatory Training, yet many people will not distinguish between these two types. Partly because the actual word meanings can leave it open to interpretation and that mandatory and statutory training are both compulsory.  


More often than not you will hear the term ‘Mandatory Training’ for all training affecting health and safety at work. The point is that regardless of how the training is categorised, the health and safety of employees at work is hugely important and training plays a huge role in staff safety. There is still a legal obligation to comply with the law and to reduce hazards and increase safety in the workplace.

With over 100 high quality online training courses YOGI can help you with your mandatory and statutory training needs. 


Browse our course library and start registering today. Unsure what training your employees require? Just give us a call and one of our experts can help you!


Business Consultation

Since there is an increase in number of young people who are becoming looked after at the age of post 16 and it is important that all such young people have to be given the right provisions and opportunities to develop their independency skills and prepared towards their independency.

In order to meet such needs, there is a huge demand for accommodation providers with the appropriate knowledge, skills and abilities in providing accommodations for the young people who might need 24/7 support or floating support on regular basis.


YOGI Consultants have been working with Looked After Children Teams from various Local Authorities as well as been in the industry for several years and they  have a clear understanding on what is good practice and how it could be achieved by having appropriate system, policies, procedures with a right staff force. 


Based on the type of provision we will be able to provide appropriate Consultations, Guidance, and Training to New providers as well as existing providers who wants to expand their services to provide high standard of care provision to their clients.


In the recent years, we have provided support and consultations to several companies who are now successfully running their business and working with various local authorities.  


Yogi Training

We Integrate Effective Working

In the recent years the feedback from local authorities were that there is a lack of understanding around the carers and support workers around the support and Key work sessions rendered to the young people and there is no clear provision to measure or see evidence on how the support hours have been utilised in preparing the young people towards their Independency with appropriate Social Skills.

YOGI, has a been designed and developed in meeting these needs and enables a positive working relationship between the young people and the Key Workers and makes the placement more stable as these constant and close working relationship will definitely keep the young people to be engaged in activities that are framed to meet their individual needs.

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